47 Movies Filmed on Stunning Beaches You Should Visit

We've all been at the movies watching the latest blockbuster and then dreamed of visiting some of the gorgeous beaches we've seen on the big screen. Often the beaches used on location when filming don't match those they are representing on screen. Read on to find out where those real beaches are and may be even visit them on your next beach holiday. We've also included a couple of notable TV series, with Lost and Game of Thrones, that just had to make the list.

  1. Skyfall (2012)

    Where? Koca Calis Beach, Fethiye, Turkey.
    When to go? Visit Fethiye from June until September when it's perfect beach weather.

    After being mistakenly shot by Money Penny (who shortly after decides on a desk job) we find Bond recuperating on a Turkish beach with MI5 none the wiser that he is infact still alive. By recuperating we mean downing one too many drinks with some tourists on Koca Calis Beach, Fethiye.

    You won't find the exact beach bar there any more - it was constructed for the filming and destroyed shortly afterwards.

    Tip: don't waste your day in a bar in Fethiye - take a boat tour to the many nearby islands or hop on a bus and head 45 minutes south to the gorgeous Belcekiz Beach at Oludeniz.