Top Beach Holiday Packing Tips

Tickets and hotel are paid for, dog-sitter’s organised and the neighbour’s going to water your plants while you’re away. Nothing left for you to do but get those bags packed and hop in the taxi for your beach holiday. So off you pop and as you’re sitting on the plane, settling into your seat and unwrapping the headset you have one of those Home Alone moments, that sudden flash of memory. You’ve forgotten something, something critical… your swimmers! You’ve forgotten to pack them - they’re hanging in the bathroom where you put them for safe keeping.

Then you wake up and realise this was all a bad dream. But how to avoid this happening in real life? List’s are a handy way to avoid forgetting things, so here is our Top Seven Things To Pack For Your Next Beach Holiday:

  1. Swimmers and Towel

    You’re not getting into the water without swimmers (unless visiting a liberated beach on France’s Atlantic Coast or Germany’s Baltic Sea), so splash out on something which isn’t just gorgeous, but which makes you feel confident and fabulous.

  2. Sun Hat and Sunglasses

    Look like a film star while protecting your baby blues in a stylish set of sunnies and a wide-brimmed hat… and don’t skimp on these. Get them SPF’d to the max so your eyes and ears stay safe. No one likes a lobster!

  3. Flip-Flops

    Beach holidays aren’t the place for fancy shoes or practical hikers. Flip-flops aren’t just light to pack, they’re practical for slipping on and off between beach and bar, sea and towel, and for gliding along the boardwalk as the sun goes down.

  4. Camera

    Now, you know this has to come with you, right? Capture memories of a lifetime - or your mates turning to lobsters - with a small and snazzy camera. If your iPhone can do the trick, bring it instead but keep it away from that pesky sand!

  5. Sunscreen and Aloe Vera

    Affectionately known as “hello Vera” by the Aussies, it’s your perfect accompaniment to sunscreen which not only protects your skin but will keep you in beaching mood for all the days of your holiday, not just the first fifteen minutes.

  6. Books

    Holidays are the perfect time to relax, and beach holidays are no different. Pick up a bestseller at the airport on the way or pull an old faithful from the shelf at home. Delve into drama, mystery and romance between dips in the ocean and allow yourself to truly disconnect and unwind.

And now you’re ready to get to the beach with no Home Alone moments. See you there!