Beach Weather in Dominica, Caribbean


  • In the next 14 days average maximum daily temperatures will be 28° which is very warm and perfect for sunbathing. The average water temperature will be 27° which is very warm and ideal for relaxing and swimming for the whole day. There will be 14 days of very light rain with an average of 1.8mm rain on those days. Average cloud cover will be 73%.

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Beaches of Dominica, Caribbean

Dominica, also known as the Nature Island, is a stunning Caribbean destination with lush green landscapes and beautiful beaches. This island offers a variety of beach areas for visitors to explore, each with its own unique charm and character. From black sand beaches to vibrant snorkeling spots, Dominica has something for everyone. The climate on this island is tropical, with temperatures averaging around 77°F (25°C) year-round. Rainfall varies throughout the year, but the wettest months are generally between June and November. Here are some of the best beach areas in Dominica for an unforgettable beach holiday.

Hampstead Beach, Dominica

Hampstead Beach
Hampstead Beach

Located on the northeast coast of Dominica, Hampstead Beach is a secluded black sand beach surrounded by lush greenery. This beautiful spot is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy some peaceful relaxation. The waters here are often quite rough, so swimming can be challenging – but it's an excellent spot for sunbathing or taking a leisurely stroll along the shore. The best time to visit Hampstead Beach for a beach holiday is during the drier months from December to April.

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Batibou Beach

Batibou Beach is another lesser known gem on Dominica's northeastern coast. This expansive black sand beach is fringed by palm trees and offers incredible views of the surrounding cliffs and mountains. The waters at Batibou Beach are generally calmer than at Hampstead Beach, making it a better option for swimming and snorkeling. There are no public facilities at this beach, so it's essential to come prepared with your own food, drinks, and other necessities.

Champagne Reef

Champagne Reef is one of Dominica's most popular snorkeling and diving spots, located just off the southwest coast of the island. The name comes from the underwater volcanic vents that release bubbles into the water, creating a unique and exciting snorkeling experience. The reef is home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and even seahorses. The best time to visit Champagne Reef for snorkeling is during the drier months from December to April when visibility is at its best.

Mero Beach

Mero Beach is one of Dominica's more popular beaches, located on the island's west coast. This beautiful golden sand beach offers calmer waters for swimming and a variety of facilities, such as beach bars, restaurants, and restrooms. Mero Beach is an excellent choice for families or anyone looking for a more developed beach experience on Dominica.

Purple Turtle Beach

Purple Turtle Beach is another fantastic option on Dominica's northwest coast. This picturesque black sand beach offers calm waters for swimming and stunning views of nearby Portsmouth. There are a few amenities at Purple Turtle Beach, including beach bars and restaurants – making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day by the sea.

Dominica's diverse selection of beaches provides visitors with endless opportunities to explore this beautiful Caribbean island's natural beauty. Whether you prefer secluded black sand beaches or vibrant snorkeling spots teeming with marine life, there's something for everyone in Dominica.

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