Suping Coron Island - The Best Island in the World

Author: Sam Lawson

published: Aug 14, 2017 | last updated: Aug 14, 2017

Coron island in Palawan, Philippines is quickly becoming known as one of the best islands in the world. Palawan has been touted repeatedly in recent years as one of the most beautiful island areas in the world.

Palawan was also touted as the last frontier by the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau but that was over 20 years ago, and things have changed albeit very slowly. You can still find a beach to yourself some where in the 1,780 islands and over 2000km of coastline that make up Palawan. The main islands are: the long main island of Palawan (where you'll find El Nido), Busuanga, Culion (a former Leper colony) and Coron island.

What makes Coron special?

Towering sharp and craggy limestone cliffs shoot up from the waters edge towards the heavens - the scenery is truely spectacular. The island holds seven lakes, several of them are mixed fresh and saltwater. You can swim in 2 of them which are regular tourist spots. Coron is also a mecca for Divers, there are 12 World War II Japanese shipwrecks all of which were sunk on a single day in 1944 by US Navy action.

Getting There

To reach Busuanga island take the short flight from Manila using Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Skyjet.

You cannot stay on Coron island itself as it's a protected area only sparsely inhabitated by the native people, most visitors stay in nearby Coron town on Busuanga island where there are plenty of resorts and restaurants. From Coron town there are several daily boat tours to the nearby islands which can easily be arranged when you arrive.

Paddle boarding around Coron

Coron is a paddle boarding paradise with the numerous lagoons to explore and the limestone cliffs are a breath taking backdrop. Instead of taking busy tourist boats to the sights of Coron island you can peacefully paddle and explore at your own pace and also enjoy the spots not on the tourist route.

It's possible to paddle out from Coron town if you're an experienced paddler but for an easier paddle hire a boat to take you across to Coron island and then start your paddle adventure there.

As well as the lagoons you'll pass through there are 2 inland lakes where the tourist boats stop and you can too.

Kayangan Lake

After paying a small entrance fee climb up and over the rocky hill down to Kayangan lake. Here you can swim in the pristine clear waters or just enjoy the view.

Barracuda Lake

Again there is a small entrance fee to enter the lake area. This is a deep lake popular with Scuba divers. It contains both fresh and salt water depending on the depth.

Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon is as the name suggests two lagoons joined by a mostly submerged small cave archway, you can choose to swim under or climb over the archway if you're unsure about the swim.

Other islands

A further hour by boat to the south you can reach beautiful Malcapuya island and Banana island.

Further south still the Linacpan islands await, far from the tourist droves you have a big chance of finding a beach all to yourself!

Sup Tours

Sup touring in Coron is still in it's infancy, but local SUP Tours are springing up now. For information about suping in Coron contact Filisup SUP Tours. If you are taking your own board be aware that the planes landing in Busuanga are not big enough to carry most SUP boards, bring an inflatable or rent a SUP locally.

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